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Dog e Lites™ Dog e Alert!™ Pet Loss Prevention

For added protection, our Dog e Alert!™ electronic loss-prevention device will alert you immediately to your pet wandering or running away.

The latest in pet safety technology, Dog e Alert!™ is simple to use and completely safe for you and your pet. Just attach it to any collar or harness, adjust the desired range up to approximately 25 meters (75 feet), and Dog e Alert!™ will advise you as soon as your pet starts to wander away from where you want him to be. This allows you to refocus and bring your dog back BEFORE he gets lost!!!

There’s even more. If your pet wanders off while you have not activated your Dog e Alert!™ receiver, simply turn it on at maximum range and go looking for him. Dog e Alert!™ will tell you when you are coming within range of him, allowing you to play a hot and cold game to find him. When used together with a Dog e Lites™ flashing LED collar, he’ll be easy to find, even in the dark!

An integrated Dog e Alert!™ is available as an optional upgrade to certain Dog e Lites™ collars, concealing the emitter within the small battery box and offering an integrated solution at maximum value.

Dog e Alert!™ has many other uses, including any animal, person or object that may be at risk of wandering too far.

Dog e Alert!™.....Be Seen Be Safe Be Alert!