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Businesses - (3)

Businesses dedicated to Animal wellness and safety.
    For Professional Electronic Fences. Great service, knowledgeable advice and local installation services too! This company offers a full range of electronic fences to keep pets safe and for every budget. A practical and invisible loss-prevention solution for dogs who love to spend time outdoors.

  • Equestrian and Canine Massage Therapy
    Just like humans, animals benefit from massage as well. Massage therapy offers so much more to your animal than just petting them regularly. This professional has successfully completed 'Treetops Rocklyn Ltd.' meticulous training and certification program in canine massage and equine massage therapy. The courses included 150 hours each of training in canine anatomy and physiology and equine anatomy and physiology, canine massage and equine massage and 80 case studies (40 for horses and 40 for dogs).

  • Tellington TTouch Services
    Tellington TTouch is a positive method of helping to bring balance into an animal's life. This balance might be physical, behavioral or part of it's training, helping it fit into a human household. By using any one or all of the techniques we have found that animals, and now humans, recover faster from injury and illness, are able to work faster and more efficiently in training programmes and are able to think through problems instead of reacting.

If you are a retailer or a distributor interested in offering Dog-e-Lites™ and
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